Hi and welcome to my www.tricountyfootball.net blog. In this blog, I am going to reveal some of the simple secrets to keep fit for your football sports. You could be an amateur, a newcomer, or an experienced player. Your coach might have taught you all the tricks and methods of tackling, passing, defending, and offensive moves. You might have become expert in the skills. But you should know how to avoid injuries during the playtime and play to your full potential. For this, you will need to follow the right diet plan. You should know how to heal your injuries and get back to the field as quickly as possible.

I will be discussing and giving you useful hints to perform all the above actions in my blog. Most of the techniques are very simple. You have to closely observe how your opponent is trying to tackle the ball, prevent you from moving ahead, push you back into defense, and make you fall. He may not be intentionally trying to cause you injuries, but his actions can do more harm than his intentions.

Football Player Diet

Apart from being strong, your muscles have to be flexible. You have to drink plenty of water and nutritional fluids. They can keep your muscles hydrated and flexible. In my blog, I will show you how to make some of the simplest fruit juice recipes. I will also explain the essentials of adding protein and vitamin supplements to your fruit juice. I can give you simple tips on how much water to consume, frequency, and probable side effects of excess consumption.

In my blog, you can find useful information about the benefits of raw veggies, steamed foods, fruits, meat, poultry, and seafood. You will find the volumetric tables based on Body Mass Index (BMI), age, fitness and health level, your goals of fitness, etc.

Football Player Exercises

Physical fitness is perhaps the primary priority next to the diet plan. So, you have to get into doing workouts. I will show you the simple steps which you need to follow. You may start with slow and speed walking. Then you can move onto jogging and sprint running. They relax your body and prepare for the next levels of body workout.

In the beginning, you can use your body weight to perform the workout exercises. Then you can move onto dumbbells and lightweight tools. Slowly, you can switch to the weight and strength training equipment in the gym. I will walk you through all the steps with my tips and tricks. You will the workout to be more enjoyable and challenging.

Football Player Injuries

Not all the injuries will lead to wounds. Many of them could be sprains, muscle dislocation, nervous pull, etc. In my blog, I will show you how to overcome such issues using Chiropractic methods. I can share some of the most effective methods used by leading chiropractic experts in your region. They are corrective and preventive measures to keep you fit and healthy for your next football games.