As a football trainer, I have seen many youngsters maturing into professional players through discipline and consistency. They follow a strict diet practice, physical workouts, and healthy lifestyle. I have seen them progressing faster and transforming into a high-quality player. At the same time, I have also seen manky others perishing into oblivion. I was unable to find the reason for many years. One fine day I observed a trainee suffering from nausea and headache just before the training session. Blood tests revealed he had got addicted to drugs and alcohol. Random tests in my training camps showed many of the trainees in the initial stages of addiction.

Treatments for De-addiction

There is hope for those who have got addicted to drugs and alcohol. You can find Detox and rehab centers, which can treat you for physical addiction and mental obsession. You may have to spend about 26 days to get your body and mind completely healed. Then you can go for psychotherapy to keep yourself away from the probability of relapse. Many of my trainees who were on the verge of destruction have recovered. They are now part of a winning football team.

Simple Methods for Fitness

Follow a regular procedure of walking, jogging, warm-up exercises, and weight training. You may also try the resistance training to fine-tune your body muscles and joints. You will find your muscles getting leaner and stronger. The exercises you perform can be for higher body mass index or underweight conditions.

Exercises for Higher BMI Trainees

Bench press, pull-ups, barbell press, dumbbell curls, squats, and bodyweight exercises can be highly beneficial for losing unhealthy weight and fine-tuning muscles. Advanced training on the barbells cable crunch and Russian twist can help to make the muscles flexible. Cable triceps, leg press, and the exercises to strengthen the calf and thigh muscles can be useful for fine fine-tuning the most important muscles for football. They can also help to burn the unhealthy fat from your body.

Exercises for Underweight Trainees

Push-ups are a healthy way of gaining muscle mass and fine-tuning into great shape. You can combine exercises like pull-ups, upright-barbell, and weight training programs. You can opt for healthy fatty foods like meat, dairy products, and seafood. The combination of foods and regular workouts can increase the healthy muscle mass from the legs to the thighs, abs, back, chest, and the shoulders.

Healing from Injuries

As a football trainee, you will be prone to injuries, muscle tearing, misalignments, etc. You will need a stable treatment procedure which can fix the problems within a specific span of time. The recovery should also be faster and treatment impacts should be long-lasting.

I have found Chiropractic treatments to be highly effective and efficient. These treatment procedures can transform your body into a completely healthy and fit condition. Resistance to stress and external impacts will improve considerably within a short span of time.


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