I have briefly described the injury healing procedures for football players in my previous blog article. Today I explore one of the simplest and fastest methods in detail.  It is a set of massaging techniques for the muscles and joints. You can do it yourself or take the help of your friend. You have to know about the essential oils and their application methods. The aim is to reduce the stress levels in the muscles from the upper body to the lower body. To name a few, you can consider abdominal, biceps, triceps, quadriceps, and hamstrings.

Muscle Cramps

Drastic reduction of essential minerals in the muscles can cause muscle cramps in football players. Excess of stress can deplete the muscles from sodium and potassium. These are the main minerals that provide strength and stamina apart from flexibility. Cramps can be in the legs, thighs, abs, or other parts of the upper body. Dehydration is stated to be the main reason. Neuromuscular-stress could be the other reason.

Massage for Cramps

Eucalyptus or chamomile oils can provide quick and reliable healing from muscle cramps. You can use the spray or the massaging method. Sprays are useful while playing on the football field. Massaging is a long-term solution which can also prevent the probability of cramps in the future. You can use carrier oils like coconut-oil for mixing.

Massaging has to be unidirectional on the affected muscles. It is a good practice to use your hands for massaging. Apply the oil and wait for two minutes. The oil sinks into your skin pore gradually. Use both hands to massage. Press gently and massage in one direction. Repeat the massaging for 10 to 15 minutes until the oil penetrates deep into the muscles. Take a break for 10 minutes and repeat the oil application and massage twice. You can do it twice a day for 15 days, and you can experience the results.

Massage for Stress

Muscle stress is something you experience every day while playing football. You may take a hot water shower to reduce the effects. Your muscles relax and you feel fresh. But the stress factors are accumulating deep within the muscle fibers. They can reach the threshold when the resistance powers of your muscles reduce significantly. It is the time when the probability of injuries increases. You need to take preventive measures from the first day of your training sessions.

Use the combination of ginger and black pepper essential oils in equal volumes. You may also add a few fresh leaves of Neem and a few drops of Aloe Vera oil. Mix them well and heat the liquid in gentle flame for 30 seconds. Apply on the affected sections and massage for 10 minutes. You have to wait until the muscles absorb the oil completely.  Do it twice a day and you can experience healing effects.


I shall explain the other essential oils and massaging methods in my next blog articles. Consult your physician before trying the massaging.

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