Incredible Ways to Improve Your Health with the Chiropractors in Kirkland

Aging can have adverse effects on your physical fitness and health. Your well-being index may go down considerably. The risk factors of muscle cramps, weak nerves, and reduced response to stimuli can make you prone to infections and diseases. Immunity factors may also decrease considerably. The overall effect will be on your body and mind. You may start getting nervous about your health and wellbeing. The signs of aging like wrinkles, dry skin, and lowered muscular strength may also influence your psychological health. The best way to prevent such risks is through the services from chiropractors in Kirkland.

Chiropractors in Kirkland – Spinal Cord Problems

Your spinal cord is the core organ in your body. It gives you strength and stability, apart from the balance against gravitation. You can stand upright, walk, jog, and run effortlessly when the spine is strong and flexible. What happens when it goes weak?

Most of the disorders and diseases and disorders which I have explained in the introductory section are due to the impairment of alignment in the spinal cord. It is because thousands of nerves, Para-spinal muscles and veins pass through the spinal cord. Imbalances on the spine can affect the entire anatomy of your body from the brain to the toes.

The spinal cord can suffer from injuries due to accidents, the external impact of force, and traumatic conditions involving physical damages. It can also get affected by vibrations while driving, improper body postures, and unhealthy lifestyle.

The misalignment of the spinal cord can result in numbness of nerves, pulled muscles, and imbalances in the liquids within the skeletal muscles. The results could be disorders and diseases.  It could happen at any age from 20s to the 60s and above. How can you prevent such risks?

Chiropractors in Kirkland – Spinal Cord Adjustments

Chiropractors in Kirkland can offer the most sophisticated methods of treatments to your spinal cord. They work with advanced tools like the chiropractic table, adjustment tools, massaging methods, and essential oils.

Chiropractic table is an advanced version of a therapeutic platform. It has many controls, alignment tools, and accessories for the setting. Using these tools, the chiropractor can gradually realign the discs and nerves on your spine back to normal condition. The process is natural and involves no surgical tools.

Non-invasive methods of chiropractors in Kirkland are natural. There are no side effects and the treatment can be effective for the rest of your life. There are also no harmful chemicals involved in the procedures. So, your body can regain natural fitness and flexibility within a short time.

Chiropractic Massages – Magical Effects of Essential Oils

Chiropractic massagers use essential oils for your spine, lower back, and the Para-spinal muscles. Natural methods of massaging can make the oils penetrate the subcutaneous layers of your skin and enter the muscles. A vast number of proteins, minerals, and other nutrients energize the muscles and nerves on the spine and around it. It can also remove stress factors and rejuvenate the entire body from neck to lower back till the toes.


The expert chiropractors in Kirkland have the experience and expertise in healing all types of diseases and disorders in your body. They can enable you to lead a fit and healthy life.


Football Coaching for Mental Strength

Mental strength is a force which can transform an ordinary football player into a tough and match winning player within a short span of time. But your coach should know how exactly to install the toughness in your mind. You may practice very hard during your training, but still, be unable to get that kind of toughness needed to beat the opponents. As a high school football coach, I have seen many of the boys with exceptional talent fail, just because they became too weak at critical moments. It was something beyond my understanding. Then I consulted a sports psychologist in Texas, who gave me the much-needed insights. Then he teamed with me to train the high school students for the next three months.

Miraculous Results

Our boys started improving faster than ever before. They were able to handle tough passes, tackle the hardest opponents, and score the most impossible goals with a determination I had never seen before. Of course, the psychologist has continued to perform miracles for my team since then.

In the beginning, the sessions with the psychologist were only limited to the classrooms. The boys could learn the finest art of discipline, order, and cool mindedness theoretically. They still remained tensed and nervous during critical moments on the field. Then he started playing football with my boys during the training sessions.

It was our combined efforts which ultimately produced positive results practically on the field. The sessions were more productive when we started individual and group sessions. Every player was able to open up his mind and speak about the fear factors he faced on the field. We often worked for weeks with individual players to understand what exactly they wanted to be when they entered the field.

Role-Based Therapy

Role-based therapy from the goalkeeper, to the full and center backs, sweeper, central midfield and the player behind the striker was highly effective. The psychologist seemed to have mastered our team football players’ strengths and weaknesses within a short time.

As I observed, he never criticized or appreciated any player in the beginning. He kept his calm whenever the players committed mistakes. But he often wrote notes and spoke to them in individual counseling sessions. He also instructed me how to handle players in tough situations.

Flow of Rhythm

The most critical therapy was about maintaining the flow of rhythm while running with the ball. The training resulted in complete focus on the ball. Our boys were trained to never look at the opponent’s face or body language. The focus had to be only on the ball and the opponent’s body from the feet to the knees. The technique worked well as the boys never got intimidated by the opponent’s physique. So, they learned the art of tackling the toughest opponents.

Injury-Free Players

The art of tackling the ball away from the opponents and keeping away from direct physical contacts have reduced the probability of injury to the boys considerably. I will be sharing many other aspects of sports psychology in my next blog articles.

Injury Healing Methods for Football Players

I have briefly described the injury healing procedures for football players in my previous blog article. Today I explore one of the simplest and fastest methods in detail.  It is a set of massaging techniques for the muscles and joints. You can do it yourself or take the help of your friend. You have to know about the essential oils and their application methods. The aim is to reduce the stress levels in the muscles from the upper body to the lower body. To name a few, you can consider abdominal, biceps, triceps, quadriceps, and hamstrings.

Muscle Cramps

Drastic reduction of essential minerals in the muscles can cause muscle cramps in football players. Excess of stress can deplete the muscles from sodium and potassium. These are the main minerals that provide strength and stamina apart from flexibility. Cramps can be in the legs, thighs, abs, or other parts of the upper body. Dehydration is stated to be the main reason. Neuromuscular-stress could be the other reason.

Massage for Cramps

Eucalyptus or chamomile oils can provide quick and reliable healing from muscle cramps. You can use the spray or the massaging method. Sprays are useful while playing on the football field. Massaging is a long-term solution which can also prevent the probability of cramps in the future. You can use carrier oils like coconut-oil for mixing.

Massaging has to be unidirectional on the affected muscles. It is a good practice to use your hands for massaging. Apply the oil and wait for two minutes. The oil sinks into your skin pore gradually. Use both hands to massage. Press gently and massage in one direction. Repeat the massaging for 10 to 15 minutes until the oil penetrates deep into the muscles. Take a break for 10 minutes and repeat the oil application and massage twice. You can do it twice a day for 15 days, and you can experience the results.

Massage for Stress

Muscle stress is something you experience every day while playing football. You may take a hot water shower to reduce the effects. Your muscles relax and you feel fresh. But the stress factors are accumulating deep within the muscle fibers. They can reach the threshold when the resistance powers of your muscles reduce significantly. It is the time when the probability of injuries increases. You need to take preventive measures from the first day of your training sessions.

Use the combination of ginger and black pepper essential oils in equal volumes. You may also add a few fresh leaves of Neem and a few drops of Aloe Vera oil. Mix them well and heat the liquid in gentle flame for 30 seconds. Apply on the affected sections and massage for 10 minutes. You have to wait until the muscles absorb the oil completely.  Do it twice a day and you can experience healing effects.


I shall explain the other essential oils and massaging methods in my next blog articles. Consult your physician before trying the massaging.

How Diet Plays Its Part With Sportsmen

There are some ways women sports persons are different from the men sportsmen.  It is not restricted to the manner food is digested but to issues like differently processing the different components of the diet as well. Also, it stands to reason that food is not the same with everyone and the manner the sexes manage food too differ in many ways. 

Iron-rich foods

Iron plays a strong part in the making of hemoglobin and it stands to good reason that food items rich in iron are used to fortify the iron content in sportsmen in particular. Those involved in high levels of sports need to be well stocked in iron as it helps generate power to the body most of the time.

Additionally, an iron-rich supplement must be used for the highly active sportsmen and women too. This is bound to take care of all the body’s requirement of iron that might arise.

Plan out the diet

When high-performance sports are taken into consideration, a lot of planning goes into the functioning and the methods used to achieve the high achievements. Just like the workouts and weight training exercises are planned out in advance, it helps to plan out the diet routine as well.

A good dietician can make out a plan to have the necessary amounts of carbohydrates and proteins all measured into the daily meal.  Each category of sports is mentioned in particular when it comes to making a plan. No doubt, the advantages of having a well-planned diet are to be noticed soon after its start too.

Controlling the weight of the person

Weight of the sportsman is important in most categories of sports. Firstly in athletes, the weight decides on whom the person competes against most of the time. Moreover, it is possible to measure out the weight and understand how the individual is reacting or progressing to a new diet that has been implemented.

As important as gaining weight and muscle is the loosing of weight for a sportsperson. It is rather an old school of thought to consider to just restrict the amount of calorie to keep weight low or to improve on the loss of weight. At times the calorie can be so low that actual muscle mass is lost in the very process.  Thus a weight loss program has to be implemented well to get the full benefits to the program.

Recovering with a snack

After a strenuous round of exercises, it is but natural that people are allowed the time and space to recover. It has been found that having a snack can, in fact, improve the recovery time and the amount of recovery too. Milk would play a good strong part in recovery snacks and it cannot be avoided at best. There are a number of ways snacking can aid in the recovery of the body and to good effect too.

Why Fitness Matters for Football Players

Hello and welcome to my blog on fitness for football players. Today, I am going to talk about the various methods through which one can keep the skeletal muscles, cardiovascular organs, metabolic organs, and the spinal cord strong and stable. Proper functioning of these organs with the elimination of stress factors can prevent the probability of fatigue, muscular disorders, and other issues related to the physical fitness of the players.

Foods and Physical Workouts

Football players have to maintain a strict diet for enhancing the intake of proteins, vitamins, and nutrients. Fat and cholesterol along with glucose can boost the energy levels of the body, as long as they are according to the nutritionist’s advice. The diet plan could be different for every player, depending on his present health and physical conditions. It will also vary, based on the playing conditions, glutamate, and other factors. A balanced diet with adequate consumption of water and vital fluids can keep the players fit and agile.

Physical workouts can be a critical influencing factor for the player’s lean and agile muscles, flexible body, and an active mind. The coach can train the players in athletic workouts, bodyweight exercise, aerobics, and Yoga, etc.

Stress Removers

The football game can be stressful for the body and mind of the players. It can result in injuries, muscle pulls, sprains, and other forms of damages to the muscular fibers and tissues. The player may not be able to avoid the conditions which cause such injuries. However, they can take preventive measures by keeping their body fit and firm.

Stress removal methods include body massage, therapy, and Yoga, etc. They can be helpful as the short term preventive measures. However, the players may need long-term healing and curing methods for the muscular damages, sprains, pulls and other problems.

Chiropractic Treatments

Chiropractic treatments are not only for the injured players but also for those healthy players who want to improve their on-field performance factors. Let’s take a look at how it works.

Muscle Stamina

In spite of being strong and flexible, the muscles can suffer damages due to impacts (collision with other players, falls, etc), heat, continuous stress (running, ball handling, opponent tackling, etc), and other on-field accidents. Common consequences can be injuries, sprains, muscle damages, misalignment, etc.

Chiropractic adjustments can set right these issues from the spinal cord sections. The results can be considered positive due to the restoration of original conditions of the Para-Spinal muscles, spinal cord, backbone, and the mussels on the adjoining sections of the spine. So, muscle stamina naturally increases. They can endure consistent stress and load without breaking down.

Blood Circulation

Football players often experience fatigue due to lack of oxygenated blood. It could be a result of twisted nerves and misaligned veins over and around the spine. A chiropractor can restore the original alignments and stability of the veins and nerves. The result is a consistent improvement in the flow of oxygenated blood.


As a football coach, I have seen the positive effects of chiropractic treatments on the players’ fitness and health conditions. I can suggest the chiropractic methods to any coach who wants to see his players stay at the perfect fitness conditions.

Training To Be A Soccer Player

There is a big difference between performing at the amateur level and one at the top professional leagues.  But more than the physical and conditioning, it is the thought process that needs to be put ahead of the rest. Once a player starts thinking like a professional then success comes automatically to the person.  There is however some broad areas that need to be tackled properly to attain the pinnacle of success as discussed in the brief below.


This is one area that very professional player and sportsman need to consider carefully. What goes into the body does reflect towards a much fitter person and in turn a more capable person as well.  A football player or a soccer player needs to spend long hours in the field and these are meant to be very active times as well. More than just raw energy, this sort of effort needs staying power or stamina as well.

The diet does influence the fitness levels of the persons taking to the field to a large extent. It is important to use fresh items and also nutritious components as well for a well rounded development.


In most instances, people that need to get to the very top of their games need to be focused on the training part a great deal. Often the approach needs to be one of obsession rather than a piecemeal approach.

Another important aspect of the training is who to rely on for the training. In current day competitive sports, there is no dearth of trained professional coaches but more importantly resources and time have to be found for this part of getting to be a professional player.

soccer football player

The issue of drug abuse

Face the facts. Drug abuse does occur in sports and particularly at the top levels of the game too. Rather than use drugs and focus on not getting caught at it, the more logical thing to do would be to refrain from the use of drugs in the first place.

Professional coaches have come across high burn out of the sports men during games and otherwise and the single most element in the cause would often be the use of performance enhancing drugs and supplements.

Drugs no matter however benign, often does affect the health of the player most of the time. So the glory might be short lived but the side effects rather longer to bear.

Increasing the BMI

The BMI is a good measure of how fit the athlete happens to be and there are ways to improve on a poor MBI score most times.  The first is to take to a good diet plan that not only replenishes the body but does provide for the repair of muscles after a strenuous training session.

It must be pointed out that the BMI for the athletes and sportsmen are much stricter than normal folks, as the issue of keeping body fat to the least comes into play often.

Best Lifestyle Practices for a Promising Football Trainee


As a football trainer, I have seen many youngsters maturing into professional players through discipline and consistency. They follow a strict diet practice, physical workouts, and healthy lifestyle. I have seen them progressing faster and transforming into a high-quality player. At the same time, I have also seen manky others perishing into oblivion. I was unable to find the reason for many years. One fine day I observed a trainee suffering from nausea and headache just before the training session. Blood tests revealed he had got addicted to drugs and alcohol. Random tests in my training camps showed many of the trainees in the initial stages of addiction.

Treatments for De-addiction

There is hope for those who have got addicted to drugs and alcohol. You can find Detox and rehab centers, which can treat you for physical addiction and mental obsession. You may have to spend about 26 days to get your body and mind completely healed. Then you can go for psychotherapy to keep yourself away from the probability of relapse. Many of my trainees who were on the verge of destruction have recovered. They are now part of a winning football team.

Simple Methods for Fitness

Follow a regular procedure of walking, jogging, warm-up exercises, and weight training. You may also try the resistance training to fine-tune your body muscles and joints. You will find your muscles getting leaner and stronger. The exercises you perform can be for higher body mass index or underweight conditions.

Exercises for Higher BMI Trainees

Bench press, pull-ups, barbell press, dumbbell curls, squats, and bodyweight exercises can be highly beneficial for losing unhealthy weight and fine-tuning muscles. Advanced training on the barbells cable crunch and Russian twist can help to make the muscles flexible. Cable triceps, leg press, and the exercises to strengthen the calf and thigh muscles can be useful for fine fine-tuning the most important muscles for football. They can also help to burn the unhealthy fat from your body.

Exercises for Underweight Trainees

Push-ups are a healthy way of gaining muscle mass and fine-tuning into great shape. You can combine exercises like pull-ups, upright-barbell, and weight training programs. You can opt for healthy fatty foods like meat, dairy products, and seafood. The combination of foods and regular workouts can increase the healthy muscle mass from the legs to the thighs, abs, back, chest, and the shoulders.

Healing from Injuries

As a football trainee, you will be prone to injuries, muscle tearing, misalignments, etc. You will need a stable treatment procedure which can fix the problems within a specific span of time. The recovery should also be faster and treatment impacts should be long-lasting.

I have found Chiropractic treatments to be highly effective and efficient. These treatment procedures can transform your body into a completely healthy and fit condition. Resistance to stress and external impacts will improve considerably within a short span of time.